About Seedlings

We believe a comprehensive early childhood education should be based on solid child development principles:

  • Up to date teaching styles that include age appropriate toys and activities that are specific to each child's needs.
  • Teaching techniques that address social, emotional, physical, cognitive, and spiritual development.

  • Offering the opportunity for each child to learn to work and play with others.

  • Helping children develop large and small muscle dexterity as well as making sure they receive stimulation for creative mental development. 

  • Teaching children emotional coping techniques as well as helping them develop an understanding of a loving God and solid Christian values. 

We believe play to be an important medium for a child’s learning. The school provides a group setting in which the child can feel secure and can separate easily from parents.

The teacher/student ratio is kept low so that teachers have the opportunity to observe child-to-child interactions and clarify or correct misconceptions.

Teachers will make available materials to encourage inquiry and discovery. The teacher will provide a balance of child-selected and teacher-guided activities.

Our preschool provides the opportunity for one-on-one experiences between teacher and child and fosters the development of strong peer group friendships.

We believe that each child develops at his/her own pace
and should be treated as an individual.

We accept and love children of all races and ethnic backgrounds
and believe diversity should be cherished and encouraged.

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